For any wedding, we recommend the musicians to start playing about 20 - 30 min. before the ceremony begins. Prelude music will underscore the importance of the moment and provide the guests with pleasant entertainment. We usually choose a mix of music that is suitable for the moment and there is no need to select specific songs. Instead please let us know what genre is preferred - classical music only, classical music & broadway melodies, pop music & tangos, etc. 


For the ceremony itself, we suggest a selection of three songs from the repertoire list. One song is for the Processional - it will cover the the parents, bridesmaids, groomsman, and groom - we can loop the desired song for perfect timing. In our experience it is much better to loop than to change songs for every single party. The second song is for the Bride's walk. Choose the perfect tune: either traditional, like Pachelbel's Canon, Wagner's Wedding March, or Entrance of the Queen of Sheba; or a popular song that holds significance for the bride. Last song is for the Recessional (below).

If the desired song is not on our list of music, we will look if it's available online for purchase. If so we will notify you about the price and then purchase it after your approval. However, if the song needs to be arranged by our composer, a fee will apply. The amount will vary from about $150 - $400 per tune, depending on the complexity of the song.

If candle-lighting is part of the ceremony, please let us know and we can help choose the appropriate music.


Recessional - right after the kiss and presentation of husband and wife. Something lively is recommended - traditional music like Mendelssohn's Wedding March or Handel's Hornpipe from Water Music, or again a pop song special to the couple.



Coldplay, Shins, The Verve, Radiohead, Postal Service

Fo most events we choose music according to your preferences and mix songs on the spot or take requests from the guests. No performance is ever the same. Additional fee is required for Cocktail hour/Dinner.




The demos below are just a selection from our extensive library. To see full list of repertoire click here

All music has been recorded by Masek Music.