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Lessons begin in September 2016

Petr stresses both fundamentals of music theory and musicality in his approach to teaching the violin.  Students are assigned different scales, technique exercises, etudes, and a concert piece to work on.  He believes a basic understanding of music theory and history improves a student's appreciation of the instrument, as does a comprehensive knowledge of "violin culture" (e.g. famous violinists players, basic repertoire and recordings, instrument history & maintenance, musician etiquette), and therefore includes aspects of these subjects in lessons.  Petr caters his lessons to the specific needs and interests of his students, and he encourages diligent practicing. 


For lessons taught at my studio in Culver City

30 min lesson - $40

45 min lesson - $50

60 min lesson - $60 

Cancellation policy: 

If a student cancels less than 24 hours in advance, half the amount of the missed lesson is owed at the time of the next lesson. Exceptions will be made for illness.