Lesson Four - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Names of Notes

We are now ready to practice playing first three fingers of the left hand which is everything we need to play the entire Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The violin has three stripes of tape on the fingerboard corresponding with where the fingers of the left hand should be placed. There is a gap (whole step) between the 1st (index) finger and the 2nd finger. The 2nd and 3rd are right next to each other. Practice playing 4 short notes, then a short break and 4 notes again in the middle of the bow starting with 1st finger. Repeat 5 times each finger on each string. We will add the 4th finger in near future.

Before you start playing Twinkle Twinkle sing it quietly. It will give you an idea of what you is your ultimate goal. Melody and rhythm.  Sing and tap your foot before playing.


Tap the tip of the foot with each beat. I don't mean anything heavy or distracting. Just tap lightly with every beat. It'll be difficult at the beginning to sync it up with the music. There is a lot to think about, the left hand, right hand, rhythm, and now taping too. The more you practice it the better. For example the first 6 notes of Twinkle are each on the beat so tap with the beginning of each note. The 7th note is two beats long so you tap twice(in the same tempo) and so on.  This will help to achieve sense of tempo and rhythm.


How to practice

Practice Twinkle Twinkle bar by bar until it feels comfortable and sounds good. Listen to quality of your sound!! Then connect two bars together and play those several times, add more bars and do the same until you cover the entire song. This is a simple and effective method to practice any piece of music of any level of difficulty. I also recommend to look for the same (or similar) music in the song to avoid practicing the passage you've already practiced, it will save you time.  For example the first line of Twinkle Twinkle is exactly the same as the last line. If you master the first one, you got the end too. Practice slowly, keep the same tempo you choose in the beginning and make sure each finger is ready before the next one.

Home Work

Learn the names of notes. On the last page of Suzuki book 1, there is a picture of D major scale with names of notes below. Learn the names and write the name above each note in Twinkle Twinkle. Also put a number corresponding with the finger you are using to every note.

Practice Twinkle Twinkle with tapping.